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I work in the medical field and am wondering what is the best way to fit my continuing education requirements into my schedule.

Online Continuing Education Is a Great Tool for Medical Professionals.

Nurses, doctors, dentists, laboratory technicians, emergency medical technicians and a host of other medical professionals need to obtain continuing education credits in order to maintain their licensure or professional certification. Distance learning, also known as online learning, allows medical professionals to gain their continuing education credits when it is most convenient for them to do so. Between work and family obligations, taking time off to attend a continuing education event is cumbersome. Professionals should check with their associations and/or societies to find out what resources are available online to receive continuing education credits. Continuing education comes in all flavors online, from watching videos to participating in webinars. If you take an online course, make sure to check that the continuing education credits will be recognized by your licensing body and your professional association. If continuing education is a requirement for you to practice your profession, many employers will pay the fees for online continuing education resources, upon successful completion.

Where can I find tips for interviewing a vendor management firm?

Tips for Interviewing a Vendor Management Firm

With so many vendor management firms offering services, it can be difficult to choose which is right for your company. Once you've set up a few interviews, it helps to prepare questions. This will allow you to better compare services and features between companies. Here are a few tips to consider.

Ask about technology. Some firms have more advanced technology tools, which can enhance productivity and savings.

Determine your vendor management needs. A company that is growing rapidly will have different needs then other firms. Make sure to outline your needs to the vendor management company, and ask them to come up with a custom plan.

Discuss measurement tools. Measurement of vendor management is an important component to success. Ask what tools are available, and processes for making adjustments to the plan.

What are the top vendor management solutions?

3 Vendor Management Solutions you Can't Live Without

If you're on the fence about vendor management – it's time to consider a few perks. Vendor management doesn't just impact your bottom line; it makes life easier for your employees and management. This allows them to focus on tasks related to the core business, while the vendor manager handles the rest. Here's 3 vendor management solutions you can't live without.

Workforce planning. Companies that are experiencing rapid growth need a way to manage those needs, while balancing costs. A vendor management firm already has tools in place, making this process much easier.

Streamlined recruitment cycle. A vendor management firm has streamlined the recruitment cycle, making the process of: administration, requisition development and submission, rate monitoring, time reporting and workflow, more efficient.

Consolidated Invoice Repository. This process saves companies several time consuming steps. In the end, this will save both time and money.

Can a vendor management firm handle hiring needs better?

Vendor Management: A Task Best Left to the Experts

With numerous tasks to manage in-house, human resources departments are often pulled in too many directions. Partnering with a vendor management firm can remedy this issue. And since vendor managers are specialists in handling temporary and permanent staffing, you'll benefit from the efficiencies that are already in place. Here's a few reasons to leave these tasks to the experts.

More efficient then handling tasks in-house. Companies specializing in vendor management are dedicated to your needs, allowing them to produce better results when managing hiring opportunities.

Web-based technology is already in place. Many companies spend money and time developing technology to handle their staffing needs. However, when using a vendor management company, that you'll get easy access to those tools –without developing them from scratch.

Opportunities to improve workflow planning. Partnering with a vendor management company will also allow you tools for better workflow planning. This will boost your efficiency, and positively impact your bottom line.

Should I try vendor management again?

Top Reasons to Give Vendor Management a Second Shot

Even if you haven't had success with vendor management in the past, it's worthwhile to give vendor management solutions a second shot. Choosing a company that focuses primarily on scientific and clinical staffing can make a huge difference in your results. Here are a few of the top reasons to give vendor management a second shot.

Benefits of specialization. Choosing a company like Delta Pharma who focuses on clinical and scientific staffing will yield better results. They understand your business needs better then a company without any experience in the niche.

Better Technology. Staffing firms have better technology available, providing companies with a wide variety of tools to measure and improve both temporary and permanent staffing.

Can I customize my vendor management plan?

Customizing your Vendor Management Plan

Vendor management firms allow companies to customize their program. This makes it easier to “test drive” vendor management programs before rolling it out to your entire company. Here's a few items to consider when customizing your vendor management plan.

Testing the program. If you aren't sure about vendor management, consider testing the program with a select business unit. This will allow you to get a baseline, measure the success, and roll out vendor management to other business units.

Expanding vendor management. Once you've tested out the program, consider expanding the program to include national management or even having a vendor onsite. This will allow the results to be experienced on a larger scale, producing bigger results.

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