Tips for Launching a Career as a Drug Safety Specialist

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How can I become a drug safety specialist?

Tips for Launching a Career as a Drug Safety Specialist

If you're interested in the medical field, a career in drug safety will allow you exposure to studying and collecting information about adverse events of current and experimental drugs. But, before launching this career, you'll need to get the required education and experience. Read on to learn tips for launching a career as a drug safety specialist.

Get the required education. Typically, a drug safety specialist will be required to have a background as a registered nurse, a master's in nursing or equivalent experience and education.

Get experience in the drug safety industry. If you don't have the required education, get 5 or more years of experience in the drug safety industry. Then, partner with your manager to move into a drug safety position through continuing education and college tuition assistance.

Position yourself for advancement. If you earn a master's or PharmD, you may qualify for advanced drug safety specialist positions, which may include adverse event reporting and clinical issues. If you're currently working in this occupation, ask about continuing education opportunities.

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