Biopharma Employment: 3 Easy Steps to Revamping your Resume

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How can I revamp my biopharma resume?

Biopharma Employment: 3 Easy Steps to Revamping your Resume

Before you fire off another resume, take a second look. Candidates who aren't getting interview requests may need a resume refresh. Simple mistakes, like not including measurable results, spelling errors or omitting important qualifications or skills could be hindering your job search. Read on to learn three easy steps to revamping your resume and getting assistance through Delta Pharma.

“Reality check” your resume. When writing your resume, make sure to include measurable accomplishments. Leave out statements that can't be backed up by results or letters of recommendation.

Include the basics. Your biopharma employment resume should include: header, objective, experience, education and professional affiliations. Make sure to include accomplishments within the first ¼ of your resume for maximize exposure.

Have several resume versions. Resumes aren't a “one size fits all” project. Instead, create several different versions, and tailor each to specific job openings.

If you're working with a staffing firm like Delta Pharma, ask them to take a peak at your resume. These companies are highly skilled at understanding resumes from an employer's prospective, which is a valuable resource for biopharma employment.



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