Biopharma Employment: 3 Silent Interview Killers

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What are common interview mistakes for biopharma jobs?

Biopharma Employment: 3 Silent Interview Killers

Another interview passes, and the hiring manager doesn't call – again. If this situation sounds familiar, a “silent interview killer” may be to blame. Read on to learn three silent interview killers to avoid when looking for biopharma employment.

Arriving late to the interview. This may seem like common sense, but it's consistently sited as a top reason candidates don't get a second interview.

Out of control nerves. Everyone gets nervous during interviews – it's totally normal. But what may negatively impact your interview is fidgeting, pacing, interrupting, or other nervous habits. Make a list of things you do when you're nervous, and avoid them during interviews.

Using “fluff” statements when answering questions. Before answering an interview question, take a couple seconds to compose your thoughts. This will result in more organized and concise answers, instead of empty statements that don't leave a lasting impression.



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