Jobs in Quality Assurance: Picking the Right Interview Clothes

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What should I wear to my biopharma interview?

Jobs in Quality Assurance: Picking the Right Interview Clothes

Hiring managers make a judgment within seconds of meeting you. That's why interview attire is important to making a positive impression. When seeking biopharma employment, it helps to have a few interview attire tips.

Wear a watch. Even if you don't wear a watch daily, don't be without one on your interview day. It will make you look more put together.

Wear a business suit. You can never go wrong with a business suit when interviewing for biopharma employment. Make sure to keep it basic: dark blue, gray or black.

Don't let your toes show. Women should make sure to wear a closed toe shoe and keep heals lower than 2 inches. Also, make sure the shoe texture isn't too flashy.

Bring a briefcase. This is a great place to organize your interview materials including: resume, letters of recommendation and any other supporting documentation.

Also, consider sending your interview attire to the cleaner before the big day. They can get out little stains, pet hair, and ensure the fabric is pressed perfectly – which will make a lasting impression.



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