Biopharma Employment: Creating a Personal Brand

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Should I create a personal brand when searching for biopharma employment?

Biopharma Employment: Creating a Personal Brand

Branding was once a term reserved for marketing and advertising gurus. But, job candidates are learning how the idea of branding can positively impact job search results. When searching for biopharma employment, it's important to consider this concept. Read on to learn tips to get started.

Define your brand. Your brand is made up of several factors including: personality, skills and your unique proposition to employers. Write down each of these components, and define attributes of these areas to shape your personal brand.

Consider your “personal brand” a work in process. Just like a corporation, you can re-brand yourself, or grow your brand to take on new markets. As your biopharma employment goals change, update your personal brand to reflect those changes.

Selling your brand. When writing your resume, cover letter and other job search materials, make sure your personal branding is represented.



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