Medical Writing: Top 10 Cover Letter Tips

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Where can I find medical writing cover letter tips?

Medical Writing: Top 10 Cover Letter Tips

As a medical writer, a cover letter not only outlines your experience, it reflects your ability to write compelling copy. So, before sending out your next medical writing job application, consider giving your cover letter a refresh. Read on to learn the top 10 cover letter tips.

  1. Include which position you're applying to in the first paragraph.
  2. Call out your most impressive accomplishments in the first ¼ of the page.
  3. Create a strong closing paragraph that asks for the interview.
  4. Include a couple different methods of contact information.
  5. Always keep a cover letter to one page or less.
  6. Find out what the company wants, and weave these items into the cover letter.
  7. Don't include a biography about yourself; tailor your cover letter to the specific position.
  8. Include a link to an online portfolio in your closing paragraph.
  9. Make a compelling argument for the reader to review your resume.
  10. Incorporate your personality into the writing of your cover letter.



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