Medical Writing Jobs: Tips for Giving a Better Phone Interview

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How can I give a medical writing phone interview?

Medical Writing Jobs: Tips for Giving a Better Phone Interview

Phone interviews are an important component of your medical writing job search. Since these interviews are short, about 30 minutes or less, you have a short amount of time to make a lasting impression. Read on to learn tips for giving a better phone interview.

Prepare an interview room. Believe it or not, where you interview has an effect on the outcome. Prepare a workspace that is interview friendly, free of distractions, extra noise and clutter.

Dress Professionally. Just because the recruiter can't see your sweats doesn't mean you don't sound like you're wearing them. Whether you're a freelance or in-house medical writer, dressing professionally during a phone interviews will make you sound more professional.

Disable your call waiting. When interviewing for medical writing jobs, it's important that the time is interruption free. Even if you don't answer a phone call, it will make your connection sound unprofessional.



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