Salaries for a Microbiology Degree

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How much can I earn with a microbiology degree?

Salaries for a Microbiology Degree

Earning a degree in microbiology is an exciting achievement. However, once you've earned your degree, you may be wondering how much you can earn. Salary ranges will depend on which direction you decide to take with your degree. For example, a research scientist often earns more then a microbiologist. Here's a quick breakdown of average salaries, by occupation.

  1. Microbiologist, $46,000
  2. Research Associate, $43,000
  3. Research Scientist, $59,000
  4. Clinical Laboratory Scientist, $61,000
  5. Research Scientist, $60,000
Also, consider getting internship experience in a microbiology lab while in college. This can help you leverage your experience to negotiate a higher salary. And if you're using a staffing firm, they can give you salary ranges for specific jobs. A staffing firm that specializes in jobs in microbiology can also help you target positions that meet your career and income goals.



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