Microbiology Jobs: Building a Network from Scratch

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How can I build a microbiology network?

Microbiology Jobs: Building a Network from Scratch

Even if you've heard recruiters talk about networking a hundred times, it's doesn't become relevant until it's time to search for a new microbiology job. And, if you don't have a network system in place, don't worry. Instead, use a few simple tips to build one from scratch.

Determine who to include in your network. Previous college professors, co-workers and professional acquaintance are good candidates. Create a simple database of your network so you can pull up contact information easily.

Get in touch with your network. Check out professional networking sites like LinkedIn. On this site, you can upload resumes, get recommendations and easily keep in touch with your network.

Pay it forward. With networking, it's important to pay it forward. For example, if your company is trying to fill a microbiology job, send a note out to your network. And when you're looking for a job, let your network know, and they'll return the favor.



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