The Microbiology Job Interview: Don't Forget about Body Language

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How can I interview better for a microbiology job?

The Microbiology Job Interview: Don't Forget about Body Language

Studies have shown that when communicating, only 7% of total communication is words. That means, the other 93% is through non-verbal communication – which is huge. So, if you aren't paying attention to this during an interview, it could cost you a microbiology job. Here are a few tips for better non-verbal communication.

Make eye contact. Making eye contact is an important component to building positive body language. Pay attention to this while the hiring manager is speaking, and while shaking hands.

Mimic the interviewer's body language. For example, if they lean in while talking to you, mirror their body language. This is a powerful way to build a non-verbal connection when interviewing for a microbiology job.

Pay attention to your appearance. Watch your posture, which non-verbally communicates confidence. Also, make sure to wear a crisp pressed suit and leave clunky jewelry and perfume at home.



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