Chemistry Employment: Top Reasons to get a Doctoral Degree

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Should I earn a doctoral degree in chemistry?

Chemistry Employment: Top Reasons to get a Doctoral Degree

Many chemistry professionals wonder about the benefits of earning a doctoral degree in chemistry. Although this degree isn't required for many chemistry positions, it can provide many benefits, like higher wages and opportunities for promotion. Read on to learn top reasons for earning a doctoral degree in chemistry.

Higher earning potential. Although there aren't any guarantees, having a doctoral degree when applying for chemistry jobs can earn you a higher wage. And for some chemist positions, employers require it.

More career opportunities. While a Master's degree can provide many career opportunities, a doctoral degree provides an opportunity to go into management in industries such as: Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and medical device.

Easier access to education. A misconception about getting a Ph.D. is that you must have a Master's degree before applying. However, there are many schools that will accept a bachelor's degree in chemistry, along with relevant work experience.



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