Advancement Opportunities for Chemistry Professionals

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What areas of advancement are available for chemists?

Advancement Opportunities for Chemistry Professionals

When looking for chemist employment, there are many different opportunities for advancement. From taking on additional responsibilities, to becoming a supervisor, identifying which opportunities are of interest will help shape your job search. Here are a few different areas to consider.

Moving to larger companies. As a chemist, managing larger projects provides an opportunity for advancement. If you're interested in these opportunities, consider partnering with a staffing firm like Delta Pharma. Since staffing firms already have relationships established with employers, it makes finding opportunities for advancement much easier.

Research strategy positions. Another opportunity for advancement is working for pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device companies, working heavily on strategy and new product ideas.

Product development management. Chemists also have opportunities in product development management for biotech and pharmaceutical firms. If this area is of interest, talk with your current supervisor about taking on these roles in the future.



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