Dos and Don'ts of Chemistry Resumes

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How can I make my chemist resume look better?

Dos and Don'ts of Chemistry Resumes

If you've applied to dozens of jobs without any response, it's time to give your resume a facelift. Following a few simple tips can help catch the reader's attention and land you chemist employment sooner. Read on to learn the do's and don'ts of chemistry job resumes.

Do use a resume style that is unique. This will make your resume stand out and catch the recruiter's attention.

Don't use the saying “duties include…” This generic language will lose the reader's attention, and doesn't focus enough on proven results.

Do use bullet points on your chemist resume. They make it easier to read and appear more organized.

Don't forget to have 1-2 people proofread your resume. Even if you've read your resume dozens of times, a fresh set of eyes can catch new errors.

Do include the most important information in the first couple of paragraphs of your resume. This will keep the reader engaged, and sell your qualifications right away.



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