Chemist Employment: 5 Reasons you haven't gotten a Call Back

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Why aren’t recruiters calling me after the first interview?

Chemist Employment: 5 Reasons you haven't gotten a Call Back

After attending your third interview in two weeks, the recruiter doesn't call, leaving you to wonder “what went wrong?” If you're consistently having this challenge, it might be worthwhile to evaluate your interview patterns. Read on to learn common reasons why chemistry job candidates don't get a second call.

You arrived late to the interview. Even if the employer says “don't worry,” arriving late can cost you the job. Always scope out the interview location before the big day, and make sure to check the traffic report.

Too much talking. Recruiters consistently site too much talking as a top reason why candidates don't get another call. Before answering questions, take a few seconds to formulate your answer. This will make responses much more concise.

Didn't focus enough on skills that fit the job. When applying for chemist employment, make sure to ask for a position description before your interview. This will allow you to brainstorm what experiences relate closely to the job.



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