Tips for Advancing your Clinical Research Career

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How can I advance my clinical research career?

Tips for Advancing your Clinical Research Career

If you've worked in the clinical research industry for a few years, you may be wondering “how can I advance my career?” Getting continuing education and experience under your belt can help position you for a promotion. Read on to learn tips for getting started.

Get certified with the Society of Clinical Research Associates. Having this certification can help advance your career, and may even earn you a higher wage. To qualify, you must have 2 years of full time employment as a clinical research professional or comparable education and experience.

Create a plan with your supervisor. When having your annual review, discuss your career goals as a research professional. For example, you might be interested in becoming a clinical study manager or getting into monitoring. Create a professional development plan to meet those goals.

Get in contact with a staffing firm. Companies like Delta Phama can help you find clinical research employment that meets your career and income goals.



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