Clinical Research: Streamlining your Job Search

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Where can I find tips for streamlining my clinical research job search?

Clinical Research: Streamlining your Job Search

Looking for clinical research employment can be time consuming. Although you can find a few hidden gems on mainstream jobs boards, take a different approach can maximize your effort with less time. Here's three tips for landing your next clinical research job.

Get in contact with a recruiter. This virtually eliminates the hours of research on the computer. Instead, they will match you with clinical research emplacement that's a good match for your skills.

Tap into your professional network. If you belong to professional associations like Associations of Clinical Research Professionals or The Society of Clinical Research Associates, check in with your network. Spread the word that you're looking for clinical monitor jobs.

Target specific companies. Make a list of companies you would consider working for in the pharmaceutical industry, and then contact each human resource's department. Send out your resume, and check back periodically.



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