Clinical Research Jobs: Finding Work in a Tough Market

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How can I find clinical research jobs in a tough market?

Clinical Research Jobs: Finding Work in a Tough Market

It's no secret that finding jobs in the current marketplace is more difficult then 10 years ago. However, using a few new strategies can provide access to more opportunities, and help you land clinical research employment sooner.

Get in front of employers. Make a list of pharmaceutical companies you would like to work for, and contact their human resources department. Ask to set-up an informational meeting about clinical research jobs with their company.

Use a few different approaches when looking for jobs. First, contact a clinical outsourcing firm who specializes in clinical research employment, like Delta Pharma. Also, contact companies directly and glance at mainstream job boards..

Get leads on unadvertised positions. According to an article published by CNN Money “7 Tips for Job Hunting in a Tougher Market,” 20% of available positions are unadvertised. Networking with other clinical research professionals can give you access to those positions.



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