Laboratory Jobs: Top Job Hunting Myths

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How can I find more laboratory jobs?

Laboratory Jobs: Top Job Hunting Myths

Before launching your laboratory job search, it's important to consider a few common job hunting myths. This will help you find jobs quicker, and allow you to tap into unadvertised positions. Read on to learn top job hunting myths.

Finding jobs on the internet is the best approach. While searching for laboratory jobs on the intranet is a popular approach, it's important to use other methods too. For example, talk with a laboratory staffing firm like Delta Pharma, which can give you access to jobs that aren't available on mainstream job boards.

You can't negotiate salary for your first laboratory jobs. Even if you just graduated from college, it's still important to negotiate your salary. This will allow you to maximize your compensation offer.

Companies that aren't hiring don't have job openings. Approximately 20% of jobs aren't advertised. Networking with other laboratory professionals can allow you to tap into unadvertised positions.



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