Laboratory Jobs: 10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes

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When negotiating my laboratory salary offer, what mistakes should I avoid?

Laboratory Jobs: 10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes

All of the hard work searching for laboratory jobs paid off – the job offer has arrived. But before you accept the salary offer, it's important to consider the benefits of negotiating, and ask for what you're worth. But during this process, it's important to avoid common mistakes. Read on to learn 10 tips salary negotiation mistakes to avoid.

1. Taking the first compensation offer

2. Disclosing your minimum compensation upfront

3. Talking about what you need to get by

4. Not talking about the value you would bring to the organization

5. Failing to do any salary research to back up your counteroffer

6. Talking about salary before you receive the employment offer

7. Getting emotionally involved in salary negotiations

8. Making a counteroffer that is below what you really want

9. Negotiating too many aspects of the job offer

10. Not getting the final offer in writing



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