Determining a Biologist's Salary

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How can I determine my biologist salary?

Determining a Biologist's Salary

After studying biology, many college graduates are interested in the income potential of this career. This information is also essential when negotiating a job offer. Here are a few tips for determining your salary.

Starting salary for a biologist. When launching your biology career, you can expect to earn about $33,000 annually. However, after gaining more experience, your salary can jump to $70,000 or more.

Working for private companies. Specific industries, like pharmaceutical and biotech, pay biologists well, up to $80,000 in some cases. Targeting these firms directly can help drive up your earning potential.

Adjust salaries based on your geographic location. Before negotiating your salary, make sure to check with comparable firms in the area. This will allow you to get an idea of what biology salaries are in your local area.

If you're working with a biology staffing agency, they can often help determine salary ranges in your local market. These firms can also help you find biology jobs that fit your income goals.



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