Scientific Management Jobs: Selling your Skills

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How can I get a scientific management job?

Scientific Management Jobs: Selling your Skills

Scientific management jobs can be difficult to land. However, approaching jobs as a sales opportunity can help you catch a recruiter's attention. Here are three tips to get you started.

Make a list of your skills. The first step in selling yourself when applying to scientific management jobs is evaluating your skills. Make a list of qualities and accomplishments that make you a unique from other candidates.

Refresh your resume. After you've identified your unique accomplishments, weave them into your scientific management resume. Make sure that most of the qualities appear within the first ¼ of your resume, which is high visibility for recruiters.

Spend time preparing for interviews. Preparing for an interview will allow you to do a better job of selling your skills. Have friends or family members give you mock interviews and make sure to ask your staffing firm for employer details. Understanding their needs will allow you to tailor your experiences to the position.



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