Life Sciences Industry: Top 10 Careers

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What can I do with a life sciences degree?

Life Sciences Industry: Top 10 Careers

Students studying life sciences often aren't sure what careers are available after graduation. But fortunately, there are many different career options for these professionals. Whether you're interested in engineering or becoming a healthcare director, planning your career path will help you get ahead. Here's a list of the top 10 careers in the life sciences industry.

1. Biologists

2. Microbiologists

3. Quality Assurance Professionals

4. Environmental Chemists

5. Scientists

6. Healthcare Directors

7. Validation Engineers

8. Technicians

9. Healthcare Technologist

10. Chemical Engineers

When looking for jobs in life sciences, make sure to partner with a firm that specializes in the life sciences industry. These companies can provide tools to help you launch your career, including email notifications of new jobs or career advice.



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