Top 10 Tips for Completing a Medical Writing Job Application

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Where can I find tips for completing my medical writing job application?

Top 10 Tips for Completing a Medical Writing Job Application

Medical writing is a rewarding, and generous paying profession. However, with tough competition, it's important to maximize the impact of your medical writing job application. Read on to learn the top 10 tips for completing your medical writing job application and where to get assistance with medical writing staffing.

  1. Choose a unique color of resume paper.
  2. Attach a resume, even if they don't ask for it.
  3. Include a customized cover letter.
  4. Complete the application online, and print it out.
  5. Include a link to an online portfolio.
  6. Make sure to attach 2-3 glowing references.
  7. Send your application through email and hard copy.
  8. Ask a trusted colleague to proof read your resume.
  9. Focus on achievements instead of responsibilities.
  10. List medical writing projects that relate most closely to the medical writing job.
Also, when looking for medical writing jobs, consider partnering with a medical writing staffing firm like Delta Pharma. They can review your medical writing job application before you send it in, ensuring you include the most important information.



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