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How can I get out of a job search rut?

Quality Assurance Employment: Getting out of a Job Search Rut

Let's face it, searching for a job can leave you frustrated and discouraged. But, it doesn't have to be this way. When searching for quality assurance employment, consider a few tips that will make your search easier.

Get in contact with a staffing firm. A staffing firm that specializes in quality assurance employment can help you find jobs that aren't available on mainstream job boards. They can also provide encouragement when the job search gets frustrating.

Give popular job boards a break. If you're searching for quality assurance employment on mainstream jobs boards, you aren't alone – so is everyone else. Instead, network with other quality assurance professionals and try contacting companies directly.

Take a break. If you're feeling frustrated, give yourself a day off from looking for biopharma employment. And when you feel refreshed, you'll be able to accomplish more.

What should I wear to my biopharma interview?

Jobs in Quality Assurance: Picking the Right Interview Clothes

Hiring managers make a judgment within seconds of meeting you. That's why interview attire is important to making a positive impression. When seeking biopharma employment, it helps to have a few interview attire tips.

Wear a watch. Even if you don't wear a watch daily, don't be without one on your interview day. It will make you look more put together.

Wear a business suit. You can never go wrong with a business suit when interviewing for biopharma employment. Make sure to keep it basic: dark blue, gray or black.

Don't let your toes show. Women should make sure to wear a closed toe shoe and keep heals lower than 2 inches. Also, make sure the shoe texture isn't too flashy.

Bring a briefcase. This is a great place to organize your interview materials including: resume, letters of recommendation and any other supporting documentation.

Also, consider sending your interview attire to the cleaner before the big day. They can get out little stains, pet hair, and ensure the fabric is pressed perfectly – which will make a lasting impression.

Should I create a personal brand when searching for biopharma employment?

Biopharma Employment: Creating a Personal Brand

Branding was once a term reserved for marketing and advertising gurus. But, job candidates are learning how the idea of branding can positively impact job search results. When searching for biopharma employment, it's important to consider this concept. Read on to learn tips to get started.

Define your brand. Your brand is made up of several factors including: personality, skills and your unique proposition to employers. Write down each of these components, and define attributes of these areas to shape your personal brand.

Consider your “personal brand” a work in process. Just like a corporation, you can re-brand yourself, or grow your brand to take on new markets. As your biopharma employment goals change, update your personal brand to reflect those changes.

Selling your brand. When writing your resume, cover letter and other job search materials, make sure your personal branding is represented.

Where can I find thank you note tips?

Quality Assurance Jobs: Tips for Writing Better Thank You Letters

During the interview process, it's important to send out thank you notes. These letters aren't just a token of your gratitude, they're sales opportunities. A well written thank you note gives you one last opportunity to make a case for your candidacy. Read on to learn tips for writing better thank you notes.

Stay away from generic language. Instead, customize the letter to the quality assurance job interview. Discuss what you enjoyed about the interview, and restate the value you would bring to the organization.

Mention any forgotten items. If there was an important item you forget to discuss in the interview, you can briefly discuss the neglected item, and how it supports your candidacy.

Combat writers block. When interviewing for quality assurance jobs, you may have writers block. Don't worry, it's normal. Make a few notes about the interview, and leave the letter for a few hours. Then, come back with a clean slate, and send the letter out within 24 hours of the interview day.

How should I prepare for a quality assurance job?

Quality Assurance Interviews: Tips for Researching a Company

If you've ever walked into an interview unprepared, you've experienced first-hand why research is essential. This will make you appear more knowledgeable, qualified and skilled for quality assurance employment. Read on to learn preparation tips that can help you land quality assurance jobs.

Check out the needs of the organization. Then, determine how your skills and experience match those needs. During the interview, you can weave this information into the responses.

Get “insider” information. If you know a current employee, maximize your resources. Ask about the hiring manager and what they're looking for in a quality assurance candidate.

Use research directories to find company information. Check out resources like: Hoover 's Online, 100 Best Companies to Work For and Fortune 500 top companies list to learn more about an organization.

Also, if you're working with a staffing firm like Delta Pharma, ask for more information about the company. They can often provide valuable information to help you prepare for the interview process.

How much does a quality assurance professional earn?

Quality Assurance Jobs: Tips for Calculating your Salary

After sending out resumes for months, you finally landed a quality assurance job. However, it's difficult to know if the job offer is good without research. Read on to learn tips for calculating your quality assurance salary.

Evaluating the industry. The industry you choose will have a large effect on your salary. For example, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devise companies tend to pay very well. When comparing salaries, make sure to compare within the same industry.

Experience level. The salary for quality assurance jobs ranges from $50,000 to $70,000 annually. Typically, you'll start at the lower end of the pay scale, and get a salary bump each year during annual review time.

Adjust your salary based on geography. Although sites quality assurance professionals earning $70,000 with 20 years of experience, this figure may be higher or lower, depending on your geographic location. Contact human resource departments of similar companies to get a ball park salary range.

What are common interview mistakes for biopharma jobs?

Biopharma Employment: 3 Silent Interview Killers

Another interview passes, and the hiring manager doesn't call – again. If this situation sounds familiar, a “silent interview killer” may be to blame. Read on to learn three silent interview killers to avoid when looking for biopharma employment.

Arriving late to the interview. This may seem like common sense, but it's consistently sited as a top reason candidates don't get a second interview.

Out of control nerves. Everyone gets nervous during interviews – it's totally normal. But what may negatively impact your interview is fidgeting, pacing, interrupting, or other nervous habits. Make a list of things you do when you're nervous, and avoid them during interviews.

Using “fluff” statements when answering questions. Before answering an interview question, take a couple seconds to compose your thoughts. This will result in more organized and concise answers, instead of empty statements that don't leave a lasting impression.

How much do drug safety specialists make?

Drug Safety Specialist Jobs: Tips for Determining your Salary

Finally, your hard work has paid off – the job offer has arrived. But, before signing on the dotted line, it's important to do your research. Understanding salary ranges for drug safety specialists will help you negotiate a better compensation package. Here's a quick breakdown:

Entry level salaries. During your first five years of employment, you can expect to earn $50,000 - $65,000 annually.

Mid-career salaries. After you've invested 5-10 years as a drug safety specialist, you can expect a decent salary boost. Those with this level of experience typically earn $80,000 annually.

Senior level safety specialists. Typically, professionals who have worked in quality assurance employment as a safety specialist for 20 or more years can expect to earn $90,000 annually.

And remember, after you've worked for a company for a few years, reevaluate your salary. This can be achieved by calling comparable companies and asking for an informal salary range for drug safety specialists. You can then compile this information for your annual review to discuss compensation.

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