Tips for Breaking into Medical Writing

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How can I break into medical writing?

Tips for Breaking into Medical Writing

Even if you have years of writing experience, getting medical writing jobs can be difficult. However, with determination, you can build an impressive portfolio and secure lucrative clients. Here's some tips to get started.

Volunteer your services. Although working for free isn't ideal, in the beginning, it's the best way to get medical writing experience. Contact small biotech and pharmaceutical companies and ask to write white papers or newsletters. Oftentimes, if they're overloaded, they will welcome the assistance.

Build an online portfolio. Once you have medical writing clips, make them easy for future employers to access. If you aren't ready to build a website, try a company like Word Press, which allows you to set-up a free blog. Your samples can reside on your blog until you have the time and energy to build a professional website.

Contact Delta Pharma. This staffing firm specializes in biopharma employment and has relationships already established with employers. You can also sign up for easy to use features, like daily job alerts.



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