Medical Writing Jobs: Interview Basics

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How can I give a better medical writing interview?

Medical Writing Jobs: Interview Basics

With generous compensation and rewarding work, medical writing is a competitive industry. When landing an interview, investing time in preparation can catch the employer's attention, and land you further consideration. Read on to learn tips for giving a better medical writing interview.

  1. Focus on accomplishments instead of job responsibilities.
  2. Bring writing samples that relate closely to the hiring company's needs
  3. Be prepared to discuss your strengths and weaknesses in previous medical writing jobs.
  4. Rehearse your answer to the question “why do you want to work for our company.”
  5. Don't say anything negative about a former supervisor, even if it's true.
  6. Ask to see a sample of the company's writing ahead of time.
  7. Bring extra copies of your resume
  8. Don't wear too much jewelry or makeup. This can be distracting to employers.
  9. Be prepared to discuss your history of writing in accordance with government regulations
  10. Don't discuss salary on the first interview.



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