Chemistry Interviews: 5 Full-Proof Preparation Strategies

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How should I prepare for a chemist interview?

Chemistry Interviews: 5 Full-Proof Preparation Strategies

After applying to dozens of jobs, all of your hard work has finally paid off. And now, it's time for the big interview. This is both exciting and stressful, but preparation can get you a step closer to landing chemist employment. Read on to learn about five full-proof strategies to land chemist jobs.

1. Rehearse your interview responses

2. Research the company's needs from a chemist

3. Secure top-notch recommendations from: previous employers, professors and well respected chemists

4. Create a 20-second sales pitch which addresses to question “why are you right for the job?”

5. Compile a well researched list of questions to ask the employer

Also, make sure to partner with a staffing firm when looking for chemist employment. Choose a company that specializes in chemist jobs, like Delta Pharma. They can make the interview process much easier, by providing you detailed information about the employer.



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