Tips for Finding Clinical Research Employment

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Where can I find clinical research employment?

Tips for Finding Clinical Research Employment

Clinical researchers work in a variety of settings, including: pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Because this is a specialized industry, landing these positions can be difficult. But, having a few tips for finding this employment can help. Read on to get started.

If you're new to clinical research, ask about shadowing a clinical researcher. This will provide an opportunity to observe what a typical day includes for these professionals, and maximize your networking opportunities.

Get in contact with a staffing firm. Partnering with a staffing firm to find clinical research jobs has many benefits, including: greater access to jobs, career guidance and assistance meeting career and income goals. Check out companies that specialize in clinical research employment, like Delta Pharma.

Check out Good Clinical Practices (GCP) certification. This will allow you to network with other clinical research employees, and find unadvertised positions.



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