Tips for Determining your Clinical Study Manager Salary

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How can I determine my clinical study manager salary?

Tips for Determining your Clinical Study Manager Salary

Whether you're looking for new job or just received a job offer, understanding clinical study manager salary information is important. Having this research in hand will allow you to create a solid counteroffer, and secure the best compensation package. Read on to learn three factors for determining your clinical study manager salary.

Evaluate experience level. According to, those with under 4-years of experience can expect to earn an average of $68,000 annually. However, those with 5-20 years of experience earn $73,000-$95,000 annually.

Geographic location. Another large factor in your clinical study manager salary is geographic location. For example, those in San Francisco earn approximately $96,000 annually, while those in San Diego earn about $80,800. Determine salaries in your area by contacting comparable pharmaceutical companies and ask for an informal salary survey.

Industry. Those working as clinical study managers in the pharmaceutical industry earn some of the most competitive salaries. Talk with a staffing firm, like Delta Pharma, about targeting these positions.



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