Landing a Clinical Research Job: Creating a 60 Second Pitch

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How can I answer the question, “tell my about yourself?”

Landing a Clinical Research Job: Creating a 60 Second Pitch

If you aren't prepared, the common interview question “tell me about yourself” can throw you off track. Many clinical research candidates wonder, where should I start? Creating a quick 60 second pitch will allow you to briefly discuss your experience in a concise organized approach. Read on to learn three easy steps to creating a 60 second pitch that will help you land clinical research employment.

Focus on 2-3 of your most impressive accomplishments. For example, when applying to clinical monitor jobs, you may decide to focus on: your ability to decipher complicated information, organization skills, and ability to handle stressful situations. Weave these items into your 60 second pitch when you can.

Give a quick synopsis of your previous position. When discussing this, stay away from focusing on responsibilities. Instead, discuss specific contributions and achievements with the company.

End your pitch by tying your experience back to the employer. Take a few seconds to say why you're interested in working for the employer. Discuss what specifically provoked you to apply with the company.



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